Don’t press the accelerator too hard or it will pin you back in the seat said the assistant who gave me a brief introduction to the Tesla 3 car as I collected it from the Trafford Centre

It does 0-60 in 4.2 seconds-Well I am not a motor journalist,the explanation about the futurist 25 year brake technology I am afraid went over my head,nodding in unison to the comments.

To me a car is a functional bit of equipment that gets you from A to B in the best svailbke comfort and increasingly given the rocketing price of petrol in the most effective way

With the Government wanting to electrify our personal transport system by the 2030’s I had already taken a first step with a hybrid car but to have the chance to drive a fully electric was an opportunity not to be missed

For the motor buffs this is what Auto Car said in its review

“The Tesla Model 3 is one of the best EVs around: practical, high-tech and boasting great performance and range. Understated styling hides a sophisticated electric drivetrain and an ultra-modern interior that’s dominated by a huge touchscreen.”

And that is the first thing that you notice as you get in the car, a absence of dials and controls in front of us and instead a huge screen in the middle of the dashboard

The steering will contains just two controls, an indicator stick on the left and a gear stick on the right which you push up for reverse and down for drive with a button at the end to press for park

Everything else is controlled from the touch screen,lights,wipers,both set to automatic,mirrors,heating system etc

There is no key or button to start, just a card that you push under the middle arm rest and a phone app that controls the car

And here came my first problem, driving around to a friends a few miles away and parking-How do you lock the door? The car is so quiet it was impossible to know whether everything have been turned off when you press park but how do you lock it?

Pressing and prodding, we couldn’t figure it out and so a rather embarrassing trip back to the Trafford Centre where another assistant (thankfully pointed to the spot on the door where you hold the card and locks the doors,turning off all the systems at the same time

I have to say that Tesla is all about online, from ordering the car and the specification to learning how to drive it is all online.After all this from a Vompany that is launching satellites and taking tourists into space

As for the car, well it was difficult to fault it.A little low to me to get in and out of, and the fact that I couldn’t get round pushing the lever up for reverse,surely it is up for forward?

But driving it was easy,the response of the dual electric engines meant it was easy to pull away from trouble, it did indeed accelerate with ease,something that you don’t really expect of an electric car

Now to the item that probably worries none electric drivers the most,range and refuelling

As with any electric car,the option is to charge at home.Ok if you have your own drive and or garage but if you park in the street or you live in flats,not suitable

The car has a top range of 358 miles, so it will certainly get you to and from most places if fully charged

Tesla has its own charging system and using the Sat Nav and planning a journey will factor in if and when you need to stop and charge.

As its publicity says

The Supercharger network allows you to stay charged on the go. Plug in at a convenient location, grab a cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat, and get back on the road. With 30,000+ global Superchargers, the network gives you the freedom to travel.”

When i topped up at the charging station on the Stockport Road, it took about 25 minutes,Tesla recommends though that you get used to charging at home overnight so that the vehicle is constantly topped up, the sales assistant tells me it takes a bit of getting used to but it will take away the so called range anxiety

With Mr Putin’s actions pushing up the price of oil on a seemingly daily basis, the demand for electric vehicles will I am sure steadily increase-

Tesla’s distribution centre at Trafford Park had eighty cars all ready to go out that week and one can omly see that expanding



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