A digital presence is non-negotiable for any business looking to grow and prosper in the modern market. Experian highlights how 87% of British homes now access the internet; in urban areas, like Manchester, that figure is even higher. Digital presence is absolutely crucial to the health of the business, and getting it right means matching it to your in-person, brick-and-mortar efforts. That starts with compliance.

Safety and security

In brick-and-mortar businesses, you show respect to your customers everyday through safety protections. Fire alarms, security cameras, in-store experience; these are things that come together to create the engagement with customers that they value within a store and make them feel safe. Indeed, FSB notes that keeping customers safe is a key part of the modern in-person business. The same is important with digital presence, and especially when it comes to privacy. The rules that website legal requirements UK regulators enforce provide an easy way to see how you can keep customer data safe and secure.

Presenting investment

Manchester is the second biggest tech hub in the UK, according to statistics reported by Business Live. That investment can often be found in the digital front of businesses, and should be replicated in technology. Using up-to-date data analysis tools, and matching them with cutting edge optimisation tech for your website, such as SEO and using up-to-date code iterations, will ensure that you are giving a polished digital presence to match your stores.

Getting involved

Increasingly, online presence is all about content. Your goods and services will often be procedural – your content, however, which will keep customers interested and present key views, will help to boost engagement. This is especially important in Manchester – in the Business Desk, Andy Burnham noted how broad the north/south divide remains. Manchester can be a digital business leader in this regard – showing consumers, and the wider public, how businesses in the area can lead in a digital sense and help to develop and promote tech skills. Content driving from a Manchester-oriented background is a great way to spread the good word.

Creating a digital face will help to complement your physical presence. Your digital face should be professional, highly technical and up-to-date. Doing that will help you to engage your customers to the same degree that your physical business always has.


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