Bury Council is about to demolish two properties in Heys Road, Prestwich which have long been a local eyesore.

The two private sector properties, at numbers 131 and 133, have lain empty for 10 and 17 years respectively and have blighted the neighbourhood.

Councillor Sandra Walmsley, cabinet member for resource and regulation, said: “This has not been a straightforward issue, firstly due to difficulties in establishing ownership and then the failure of the owners to improve their properties despite our many attempts at negotiation.

“These houses are in such a ruinous condition that action must be taken. The council has determined that the most satisfactory course of action is to demolish these properties as other options such as renovation would not be viable.

“In November 2015, we served the owners with notice to renovate or demolish the properties. They have failed to do this work, so we will now carry out demolition starting on 25 January. We will recoup our costs by securing them against the land, which will be sold to new owners for subsequent redevelopment.

“This action will have an immediate positive impact on the local environment.”


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