Highview Power to deploy MAN LAES turbomachinery solution in its CRYOBattery long-duration application.

Highview Power, a global leader in long duration energy storage solutions, has selected MAN Energy Solutions to provide its LAES turbomachinery solution for its CRYOBattery facility, a 50 MW liquid-air, energy-storage facility – with a minimum of 250MWh – located in Carrington.

The liquid air energy storage plant uses cryogenically-liquefied air as a medium for storing energy. It is especially suitable for special applications that require large amounts of energy over a discharge time of several hours, and enables fluctuating, renewable sources to bear base-loads.

The MAN turbomachinery train will form the core of the CRYOBattery facility that, upon completion, will form one of Europe’s largest battery-storage systems. This will ultimately supply clean, reliable, and cost-efficient long-duration energy storage – primarily from renewable sources.

Wayne Jones OBE, Chief Sales Officer and Member of the Executive Board of MAN Energy Solutions, said: “This is a defining moment for this technology and is key to the overall goal of our carbon-free future. This technology’s unlimited potential means that any number of domestic and global projects await its successful conclusion. However, as a proud Mancunian, it is great to see that just like the splitting of the atom and the first test tube baby, this happens for the first time in Manchester!”

Jones continued: “This project is also a milestone for MAN Energy Solutions’ strategic journey. Our ability in this instance to provide both energy-storage turbomachinery technology and grid stabilisation, as demanded by the process requirements, fits perfectly with our stated strategy of increasingly moving from supplying components to becoming a supplier of complete solutions. This is where our customers can fully reap the benefit of our all-round expertise. An added benefit is that the plant is less than 20 minutes from our UK Headquarters in Stockport.”

Construction of the CRYOBattery began in late 2020 with commercial operation commencing during 2022. Highview Power will operate the facility in partnership with Carlton Power, a UK independent power-station developer.

Clive Memmott OBE, Chief Executive of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, commented: “Congratulations to Highview Power and MAN Energy Solutions on their partnership to deliver this ground-breaking project – one of Europe’s largest energy battery storage systems that will deliver high capacity, clean, green storage.

“This project was directly referenced by the Prime Minister in his 10 Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. It’s really important that we recognise the scale and ambition of this technology, its smart choice of location and use this to demonstrate how committed we are to a zero carbon future here in Greater Manchester and beyond. It’s happening here and now in Carrington and deserves prominent local, national and international recognition.”


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