It’s been a difficult few weeks for Manchester’s brand new Indoor Arena Co-op Live

Forced to reschedule its opening night several times due to safety failings,power issues and falling air con units,as well as seeing Take That’s Gary Barlow mock in from the stage of its arch rival AO Arena, tonight it is perhaps fitting that a local band will host what will now be its official opening.

Ironic perhaps that Guy Garvey’s Elbow spent many years in the small clubs that the venue’s former boss Gary Roden quit partly over his remarks in the press that smaller venues were poorly run

The venue has also been treated in our opinion badly by many in the local press, who no doubt will be lapping up its hospitality at future events but were quick to lay the boot in and spend many hours dissecting what had gone wrong

The venue will,we are sure be a huge success,bringing jobs and a general economic bouyancy to an area that despite the location of the Etihad stadium, still badly needs it.

We wish all the people involved in the venture from Tim Leiweke to the men and women who grafted to build it and all the people who will be helping along its smooth opening tonight all the success and let there be many more

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