A new fostering service has been launched in Bolton – CFS Foster Care.

CFS Foster Care provides specialist, tailored care for children and young people with high levels of need. The Ofsted registered service, based at Farnworth, is redefining foster care by providing better and more in-depth support to carers by building additional support such as therapists, into the fostering model.

Its team is dedicated to strengthening the fostering community by empowering carers to take on any challenge with confidence. Ultimately, CFS Foster Care aims to bring stability and happiness to the lives of all children and young people in care. 

Robert Lunan, fostering manager at CFS Foster Care said: “CFS Foster Care will be seeking to achieve high standards for our children, our foster carers and the local authorities and commissioning teams who request our services.

“To achieve this we need experienced and skilled workers, a positive ethos and a strong emphasis on the power of partnership and teamwork to meet the goals and high aspirations we have set ourselves. My team is committed to achieving this as we all believe that the development of the child and young person is the most important part of our work, and we are not prepared to compromise on our levels of quality to enable them to move forward. Our success will be measured by the views and opinions of the young people, carers and local authority partners we will be working with – we are relishing the challenge!”

CFS Foster Care is part of CFS Care, an innovative provider of extensive support, accommodation and interventions tailored to meet the needs of vulnerable children and young people.  

Anthony Gallaher, Operations director at CFS Care added: ” CFS Fostering Services is fully registered and ready to transform the lives of children and young people. This is another leap forward in our commitment to raising the bar in the delivery of effective, responsible and meaningful children’s services.  CFS Fostering Services is a vital part of our unique vision to develop, maintain and transform a range of social care services. Our aim is to provide the quality, trust and assurance required to become the provider of choice. 

“Our services are tailored to meet the increasing demands placed upon local authorities and we aim to provide and maintain the highest standards of care and support to some of the most vulnerable children and young people in society. 

“CFS Care is committed to safeguarding the future of every child or young person who accesses our services.”

Anyone who lives within the North-West of England or West Yorkshire that is interested in fostering can contact CFS Foster Care for further details including criteria and eligibility via its website www.cfscare.co.uk/services/fostering-services/


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