What do you want to see in Swinton? How do you think the town should change and develop over the next 10 years or more?

Those are some of the questions that Salford City Council will be asking residents, businesses and other organisations over the next five months as part of creating new ideas for the future that the local community can get behind.

Swinton Park Councillor Stuart Dickman said: “Swinton has a strong local community with excellent transport links but changing shopping habits are affecting all traditional town centres.

“Demand for housing in Swinton has grown by more than 20 per cent in the last five years and there is a shortage of high-quality family homes and affordable housing in the area.

“This is about creating a shared vision for Swinton so it can continue as a strong and thriving community providing great shops, leisure facilities, places to meet, jobs and homes.

“Salford City Council’s headquarters, Swinton’s old town hall, the Civic Centre, will remain a key part of Swinton but there is huge potential for the council to use land and properties it owns around that area and beyond, some of which was bought with regeneration in mind, to make a real difference to Swinton.

“Whether that’s for more affordable housing, green space, preserving and enhancing the areas we love, or replacing older derelict areas with something the whole community can enjoy, we welcome all positive ideas and encourage anyone with an interest in Swinton to get involved and have their say.

“This is your opportunity to have a say in how you want to see Swinton develop over the next decade and beyond. Please get involved and make your views heard, so we can deliver this plan together.”

Salford City Council has appointed consultants Thinkingplace to lead the exercise, which will launch in November and run through until February 2022. They will develop a range of opportunities for the local community to be fully involved in shaping the vision and future plans, which will then go to formal consultation.


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