The Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham is calling for a daily televised press conference on the Coronavirus outbreak.

Writing on twitter this morning he said:

“I’ve been broadly supportive of the Government’s response up to now. So there is no politics here. But we’ve hit the point where we need a daily televised press conference led by the Chief Medical Officer. This needs to be put in place from today.”

The Mayor has criticised Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s writing in a newspaper ( The Telegraph behind a paywall

“I tried to open it but found a paywall. It was lifted not long after – but still. And then, this morning, press briefings appear about draconian plans under development …” adding

“I think we’ve hit the same moment as I hit in the summer of 2009. Bear in mind, there was little social media then & that was hard enough. So, now, we need to hear more from the CMO/CSO & less from the politicians. A daily press conference should start tomorrow at the latest


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