Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi’s brother will be extradited back to the UK but only when the situation in Libya has stabilised.

The Interior Minister of Libya’s UN-backed government, Fathi Bashagha, told the BBC the court had agreed to extradite Mr Abedi to the UK because he is a British citizen.

But a week after the ruling, he said, the capital came under attack by forces loyal to General Khalifa Haftar, a commander from Eastern Libya.

Both Hashem and Salman Abedi had travelled to Libya in April, a month before the attack, with Salman returning alone to Britain before carrying out the attack a month later.

It is alleged that Hashem knew about the attack and took a final phone call from his brother hours before the attack that killed 22 people.

Greater Manchester Police applied to the Libyan authorities to arrest Hashem  back in November 2017.He was being held by the Deterrence Force (Rada), a counter-terrorism group allied to the UN-backed government in Tripoli at the tin


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