Research released today reveals the UK could reduce its carbon output by over 16,433 tonnes, simply by each adult sending one less unactionable email a day.

The research commissioned by OVO Energy, the UK’s leading independent energy provider, highlights that almost three quarters of the UK (72%) are completely unaware of the carbon footprint attached to their inbox. With over 64 million unnecessary emails sent every day, this lack of knowledge is resulting in excessive unnecessary emailing from Brits and contributing 23,475 tonnes of carbon a year to the UK’s footprint.

Whilst emails are an integral form of communication in today’s modern world, it would appear they’re not always worth the resulting carbon emissions. 49% of Brits confess to sending unnecessary emails to a colleague or friend within talking distance every single day, contributing to the UK population’s carbon footprint.

Unactionable one- or two-word pleasantries such as ‘thank you’ and ‘thanks’ top the list of the most regularly sent unnecessary emails.


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