United Utilities CEO home took home £2,310,000 in 2017 alone – twelve times more than PM

The boss of United Utilities private water company trousered a whopping £12 million in salary, bonuses, pensions and other benefits over the past five years.

The CEO of the North West water company took home £2,310,000 in 2017 alone – twelve times more than PM 49% more than in 2013.

The figures come from a joint investigation into their company accounts by GMB and Corporate Watch revealed at GMB’s 101st Congress in Brighton this week.

They are released today  as GMB, the union for the water industry, launches it’s ‘Take Back The Tap’ campaign to bring England’s privatised water industry back into public ownership.

The figures show that through a combination of salary, bonuses, pensions and other benefits that the average package for a privatised water company in 2017 was £1,254,000 – a figure that is 6 times higher than the pay and pension of the UK Prime Minister.

The CEO of United Utilities took home £2,310,000 in 2017 which is twelve times more than the PM and a 49% increase on the £1,547,800 the CEO took in 2013. While water bosses pocketed these eye-watering sums, consumer water bills in England and Wales have increased by 40% above inflation since privatisation in 1989 according to a report by the National Audit Office

“It is a national scandal over the last five years England’s hard-pressed water customers have been forced to splash out millions through their bills to go into the pockets of just nine individuals.

“Privatisation of the water industry has been a costly mistake and these eye-watering sums are further proof the water industry must be returned to public hands.

“GMB is urging people and politicians to Take Back the Tap and make our water services work for the many and not the few.Water is the most natural monopoly and should be in public hands.”


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