Britain is an island and as such seeing it by private yacht charter lets you take in her sweeping dramatic coastline and explore nearby islands and other countries such as Ireland and France. And let’s face it, with new variants of Covid rearing their ugly heads, it could be yet another British holiday this year – so better get planning.

Once secured, your private yacht enables you to experience the UK. From the deck of your boat, you can explore dramatic coves and caves, be in awe of spectacular cliff faces that jut out from the sea like towering monoliths, and enjoy sandy beaches.

Although the country is known for the soft sand of the Mediterranean there are diamonds in the rough. Like the rest of the world, the UK’s beaches are unique and have their own character that can’t be found anywhere else.

Although the country is an island, you will find that once aboard your private yacht charter the world becomes more accessible. Why not explore the islands that are dotted around the coast such as the Isle of Wight arguably sailings spiritual home, the channel islands, Anglesey off the Welsh coast or head north to the Scottish islands such as Skye.

If you’re feeling ambitious why not explore other countries such as Ireland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Providing the boat you selected is up to it of course. You can determine your boat type when you secure your private yacht charter.

Your Private Yacht Charter UK

Hiring a yacht is easier than you might imagine. There are few companies that can help you find a reputable yacht charter in the UK with many opting for Click&Boat thanks to their range of vessels, friendly and helpful staff, and easy to use website.

Vessels can be hired for a day, week, or by the hour. Depending on the boat you have opted for, your private yacht charger might need you to hire a skipper if you don’t have the necessary sailing qualifications. That isn’t an issue, however, as good yacht charter companies will be able to cater to this.

Here is a snapshot of available vessels:

  • Yachts – Sailing and motor yachts are available and it all depends if you want grace or power. Both offer luxury in abundance. There is something special about sipping something cool taking in the coastline as it rolls by from the deck of your yacht.
  • Sailboat – Sailboats come in all shapes and sizes so hiring one for a day trip and taking in a few waterways, or larger ocean going boats are available. There is something serene and elegant about exploring coves, coastline, and caves by wind.
  • Motorboats – Motorboats can be used to have great fun on the water or as a fast luxurious vessel. They can provide the speed needed for tubing and water skiing or you can hire a multiple birth larger motorboat for longer trips and a different kind of water experience.

One of the great things about a private yacht charter is that the boat is just for you and your friends and family, and the course is set by you.

For your next holiday, you may want to consider a private yacht charter. You’ll see the country and surrounding islands like you’ve never seen it before.


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