The Prime Minister told the nation that ‘Islamist extremists and far-right groups are spreading poison in our country’

In part a response to the Rochdale by election he spoke to the country from outside Downing Street taking aim at George Galloway, saying it was “beyond alarming” that voters in Rochdale had returned a candidate who he said had “dismissed what happened on 7 October” in Israel.

He had already spoken earlier in the day that the Rochdale campaign had been one of the most divisive in recent times and praising the Tory candidate’s positive message.

We must face down extremists undermining democracy,said Sunak

George Galloway responded  to Rishi Sunak calling his Rochdale by-election win “rather alarming”.

“Just suck it up. I won the election.”

Interviewed on Sky News he added:

“We’re talking about little Rishi Sunak in the fag end of his prime ministership. Don’t talk to me as if he has come down from the Mount with tablets of stone. As if the things he says are meant to awe me”


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