Manchester is a fascinating city, attracting millions of tourists annually with its vibrant nightlife, elegant shops, fabulous hotels, and historical attractions. People from all over the world enjoy the UK’s Football City, but sports are only part of its appeal. Instead of spending your next day off in a GClub online casino, why not organize a day trip to explore these fantastic places near Manchester? 

Little Moreton Hall

The stately Little Moreton Hall is about 35 kilometres south of Manchester in the scenic village of Congleton. The spectacular old structure is one of England’s magnificent half-timbered mansions, and it is impressive. 

Intriguing tour interpretations will tell you that the town constructed Little Moreton Hall in 1508, encompassing several stories of meticulous half-timbered construction. It also an attractive courtyard, moat, and garden for a beautiful reflection of rural life in 15th-century Cheshire. 

The National Trust owns and runs the property.


Chester is about an hour’s trip from Manchester Piccadilly (using a direct train). It’s quite a spectacle, including the gigantic, Tudor-style half-timber structures that stretch to the horizon. Ancient city walls surround the stunning, compact shopping centre to make you feel like you’re walking into a fortress in old time. There are quaint pathways to explore the surrounding fascinating features, like the River Dee and Roman Coliseum. 

You can also take a short bus ride to Chester Zoo to interact with elephants, meerkats, and other wildlife. 


About six miles from Manchester, Ashton-under-Lyne has a range of theatres, museums, restaurants, and modern additions to explore. It’s an excellent option if you’re looking for the nearest interesting place outside of Manchester. 

If you love history, you might want to visit the Portland Basin Museum to learn something about local culture. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate Stamford Park for exciting boating and hiking opportunities. 

The Lake District

The Lake District is about one and half hour’s drive from Manchester and famous for its glacial ribbon lakes, rolling terrain, and historic architecture. The glacial lakes are stunning backdrops for gentle strolls and provide a gateway to fascinating walking country, including forests, fells, and mountains. 

Market towns like Ambleside, Keswick, and Kendal are also nearby areas worth exploring on your trip to the Lake District. You will find local art galleries, outdoor equipment stores, and traditional inns galore.

If you prefer to relax, walk up to Kendal Castle or visit Lakeland Maze Farm Park. Both are excellent spots for family outings—children will particularly love the maze, open play areas, and go-kart facilities.


Known for both historical sites and recreational spots, Altrincham is about 13 kilometres southwest of Manchester. Some of the must-visit areas in Altrincham include Stamford Park and Dunham Massey Hall, a magnificent 18th-century National Trust property with vast grounds, a watermill, and a deer park. 

If you’re looking to explore life outside Manchester or a day in the country air, these are some of the must-visit places to consider for a fun-filled day with the family.


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