Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham is setting up a new command unit using PCSO’s and fire service staff to find people not reached by the Government’s Track & Trace

Speaking during the weekly GM Covid Press Conference, Andy Burnham said that over 3,500 people every week are not being traced through the current system, around 100 police and 100 fire staff will be going to go door to door in order to fill in the contact tracing gaps,

Greater Manchester, he added also wanted to set up a temporary self isolation fund for people who can’t afford to stay at home and will call on businesses

Deputy Mayor Beverley Hughes told the press conference that the region did not want to see any further general lockdowns,however there could be more localised restrictions which could include ‘closures where necessary’ that will be ‘very targeted and intelligence led.

Rates are rising across the region but said the Mayor, there has been no big increase from last week although blthey weren’t able to provide the data today.

Last week more than 2,000 contacts in Greater Manchester were not traced by the national system. The aim of this proposal is to get nearer to the 80% resolution target for the successful tracing of contacts.

The Greater Manchester Growth Company will be commissioned to develop a local self-isolation support unit to engage directly with employers to ensure adequate support is provided to their employees, following any referral from the local test and trace team.

A limited fund will be established for those employees at risk of severe financial hardship arising from self-isolation due to employers being unable to support them.

Andy Burnham said: “We can all see the infection rates in Greater Manchester continuing to rise and it is time to escalate our response. People here have worked hard all year but we have still challenged ourselves to see what more we can do. I’m grateful to our colleagues and police and fire services for stepping forward to help.

“I’ve written to the Government today with a significant partnership offer to work more closely to get through this. I want Greater Manchester to take more ownership of contact tracing and begin to provide meaningful support to help people self-isolate. We believe police and fire involvement will bring more rigour to contact tracing and reach communities we already know and mobilise support in a targeted way.

“I’m also making a call to Greater Manchester businesses to step forward and help their employees to self-isolate if asked to do so.

“I’m confident that by working together, we can make a real difference to people’s lives as we learn to live with Covid.”



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