There were 555 antisemitic incidents in Greater Manchester in 2023 an increase of 163% from the 211 incidents in the corresponding area in 2022

The figures come from the Jewish security charity, the The Community Security Trust (CST) which recorded reports of 4,103 anti-Jewish hate incidents nationwide  in 2023, up from 1,662 in 2022 and almost double the previous record of 2,255 hit in 2021.

The record total of anti-Jewish hate incidents in 2023 is a result of the unparallelled volume of antisemitism perpetrated following the Hamas terror attack on Israel on 7 October said the charity

Among the antisemitic incidents last year, the CST report found that there were 3,328 cases of abusive behaviour, 305 threats, 266 assaults, 182 examples of damage and desecration and 22 of antisemitic literature.

CST Chief Executive Mark Gardner said:

“British Jews are strong and resilient, but the explosion in hatred against our community is an absolute disgrace. It occurs in schools, universities, workplaces, on the streets and all over social media. Our community is being harassed, intimidated, threatened and attacked by extremists who also oppose society as whole. We thank the government and police for their support, but this is a challenge for everyone and we condemn the stony silence from those sections of society that eagerly call out racism in every other case, except when it comes to Jew hate.”



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