Caribou is a domestic and international packet and parcel consolidator headquartered in Manchester, UK and has several satellite sites around the United Kingdom. With a mission to make life easier for its clients, the company puts people, technology and service at the heart of everything it does. They collaborate with over 500 retailers globally and deal with a nationwide network of clients, integrating with all major selling platforms and shippers.

Caribou originated out of the merger of several mail, parcel, and packet specialist companies. It  views itself as the ‘new kid on the block’ while at the same time providing its clients services with over two decades of experience in the distribution and delivery industry. Driven by the need to make their clients’ lives easier by ensuring an optimum delivery experience, it is within Caribou’s DNA to be a logistic leader rather than a follower. 

As such, they have taken on an entirely new approach to delivery solutions in part by building their own game-changing domestic and international mail and parcel solutions alongside a broad network of premium partners. They are always evolving and looking for better, faster, and more seamless ways to deliver on their promises. One of their core principles is to be pioneering and innovative. They use technology to their advantage and help to position Caribou as a market leader. Caribou is best placed to deliver on the needs of its customers and their consumers through a network of locations across the UK and worldwide including its strategically placed Heathrow hub.

Furthermore, Caribou integrates with all major delivery and supplier networks across the UK, including Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, DPD, DHL, UPS, Yodel, Wowcher, Mintsoft, Cloud Commerce Pro, Volo, Veeqo, MetaPack, Linnworks, and Shopify.

Caribou’s Technology

Caribou are proud to support their clients as much as they can during such challenging times. In particular, they offer a wide palette of services in a way that preserves the safety and well-being of their staff as well as the wider community. They are mindful of the importance of a happy and healthy workforce that makes up the building blocks of Caribou. With the backdrop of COVID, the logistics industry is changing at a rapid pace. Their clients’ needs are also constantly evolving, which is why their IT team is working tirelessly to enhance their system following the changing industry and their clients’ preferences. 

Caribou’s development agency, Cuhu, has played a central part in Caribou’s ability to deliver one of the most advanced marketplace management systems in the sector. Their technology-focused approach to logistics has enabled businesses, shoppers, and drivers to conduct their tasks easier, more efficiently as well as seamlessly. Furthermore, at a time when many couriers rely on third-party systems to help their clients track their shipments, they have created and implemented their own proprietary carrier and marketplace management system by which they uphold transparency during the entire delivery process. 

About Daryl Dylan

Daryl Dylan is Caribou’s Managing Director. He is the brain behind the efficiency and happiness of a team that is growing at unprecedented speeds. He is also ensuring that Caribou’s culture remains well-managed as well as comfort-oriented. Dylan was previously Head of Carriers and Commercials before he stepped up into the role of Managing Director. His first priority is to expand the firm’s depot network over the next 12 months. He also plans a vast recruitment campaign that will add 150 new positions by the end of the first quarter. 

According to Dylan, the logistics industry is something that is not easy to simply walk away from. He views himself as very much attached to – as he puts it – one of the most beautiful industries to be a part of. Dylan adds that there is “nothing more exciting than seeing a hungry team that you have built succeed and allowing people to reach for the progress they never would have thought to be able to reach. At Caribou, building a family around us is the fundamental engine that keeps us moving forward.” 

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