Businesses are constantly competing for the attention of prospects and customers, and they invest heavily in digital marketing, especially the online one, to reach their target audience. Customers, on the other hand, feel that they are constantly bombarded with advertisements, and they have learned to tune out any ad that appears aggressive. Old-school business stickers appear in a less crowded, offline space, offering a taste of the good old days and still drawing attention. Camaloon’s personalised stickers are among the most versatile marketing tools available. If you design them well and use them correctly, they will act as mini billboards, increasing the visibility of your business. And most importantly, they will not break your marketing budget. 

Why choose business stickers as a marketing tool

Business stickers help companies reach customers

Because online marketing is so saturated that most people experience “ad blindness,” branded stickers used in the offline world are more effective than ever. When beautifully designed or interesting, they easily draw attention, but they are still such a low-key type of advertisement that they don’t make people feel “attacked.” Most people notice them, absorb the message, but don’t perceive them as advertising.

People generally like any kind of stickers

Most of us grew up collecting stickers, and getting one still makes us happy. It might be the inner child still inside us, or maybe stickers are simply cool at any age! When businesses use stickers to spread their brand, they capitalise on this whimsical feeling. Additionally, stickers make a statement; they tell the world what we are into or hold dear. Any business should strive to be what its customers care about.

Business stickers are cost-effective

When compared to many other advertising tools, stickers are extremely cost-effective. A small investment will have a significant impact on the visibility and reach of a business name and message.

Business stickers can become a personal recommendation

When a customer slaps a branded sticker on something they own, they are effectively endorsing that brand. A sticker becomes a personal recommendation, which quickly turns into word of mouth, the ultimate marketing tool. 

Types of business stickers

Stickers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and designs and are a versatile tool used for labelling, decorating, customising and branding. They are usually divided as follows. 


Labels are single-use stickers that provide information about the objects they are attached to. They are typically made of thin paper or plastic and sold in sheets or rolls. Sheet labels are perfect for low- to medium-volume projects or small businesses, while roll labels are best for larger ones.

Label stickers are used to label packaging, products or equipment. The information they contain can vary, and there are even legal requirements for labelling some highly regulated products. Here’s what businesses usually put on labels:

  • the business’s essential information
  • origins of products
  • instructions of use
  • temporary promotions
  • lists of ingredients
  • warnings

Vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers are made of printable monomeric white or transparent vinyl, a kind of plastic that is waterproof, weatherproof and tear resistant. Printable vinyl allows for high-quality full-colour printing, with the option of a matte or glossy finish and a protective laminate. 

Vinyl stickers stick to any flat, non-textured or slightly textured surface and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They will promote your company or product for years to come without fading and making your company look outdated.

Window decals 

Often called window stickers and window graphics, window decals are typically larger stickers made of thin vinyl film or a similar plastic. Due to their size, most businesses only require a few of them. Depending on the client’s preferences, they can be attached on the inside or the outside of windows and glass doors.

Window signage that is well-designed and creative will look great and catch anyone’s attention. It won’t cause any damage to glass when removed, and there can be minimal adhesive residue in some rare cases, which can be easily cleaned. 

There are five types of window decals:

  1. Classic window stickers 

Made of printable white vinyl and acrylic adhesive, classic window stickers will stick to any glass surface but obscure the view. They have a glossy laminated finish. 

  1. Micro-perforated window stickers

These vinyl stickers have small holes in them, showing your customers the printed graphic from the outside while allowing you to see through the window from the inside. They have a glossy finish and are laminated.

  1. Easy apply window stickers

Made of white PVC and removable transparent emulsion, and containing adhesive points, these stickers are easy to attach and realign (within 24 hours). They are glossy but not laminated.

  1. Transparent vinyl stickers

These clear vinyl stickers are designed to be placed inside the glass and be visible from the outside.

  1. Static window clings

Adhesive-free and made of ultra-clear (PET) material, static window clings are simple to remove or relocate, making them ideal for short-term advertising campaigns or promotions.

Car stickers 

Car stickers are highly effective mobile advertisements that attract a lot of attention. They are typically classified into three types: classic, transparent and micro-perforated. Here’s how they differ:

  1. Classic car stickers

These stickers are made of premium printable white vinyl and a chemical paste adhesive and have a layer of laminate that protects them from the elements while also providing a glossy finish.

  1. Transparent car stickers

Transparent vinyl stickers have no visible background and are weatherproofed by a layer of lamination that also provides a glossy finish.

  1. Micro-perforated car window stickers

Made of perforated vinyl, these stickers can be put on car windows because they don’t block the view completely. They are weatherproof and waterproof thanks to a glossy laminated finish.

Wall decals 

Branded wall decals are an excellent way to spruce up a workspace, so many businesses create wall decals of their logos, mission statements or inspirational quotes. There are three types of wall decals:

  1. Classic wall decals

Standard wall decals are made of white vinyl and acrylic adhesive and can be applied to any flat surface, not just walls. They are laminated and available in matte or glossy finishes.

  1. Wall decals with canvas effect

Canvas-textured wall decals are made of matte embossed PVC and transparent acrylic adhesive. They have a matte or glossy finish and are ideal for printing photographs and artwork.

  1. Wall decals with an opaque grey back

Wall decals with an opaque grey back are made of white vinyl and grey acrylic and are perfect for covering up previous graphics on walls. They have a glossy finish and are laminated.

Name tag stickers 

Name tag stickers are made of flexible vinyl and can be applied to almost any fabric. Companies use name tag stickers at various business events to help guests with introductions. Name tags typically feature a company logo or design as well as either printed names or space for people to write their own names.

Designing business stickers

Consider where your sticker will be displayed and what information you want to include on it before you begin designing. Include at least your logo, a tagline and your website or a way to contact you. Stick to a palette related to your logo and use fonts and shapes in the same family as the ones used in your other ads. 

Keep your message short and to the point, because potential customers will only look at your sticker for a few seconds. You might get a few extra seconds if your stickers are super creative and appealing. 

If you’re stuck for design inspiration, consider hiring a freelance graphic designer. Not everyone can be a design whiz, and sometimes it makes sense to hire a professional. 

Ways to promote your business with stickers

Here are some examples how companies can share their business stickers and use them for promotion. 

Adding stickers to products

Companies use business stickers to communicate important product information or to highlight exciting features on products that would otherwise go unnoticed.

You can also label all of the items on sale. Use eye-catching colours to draw attention to limited offers and create a sense of urgency. Stickers with a buy one, get one free offer are a great way to boost sales.

Instead of spending money on custom bottles, boxes or bags, small businesses may use stickers on product packaging to create a professional and matching look. Personalised stickers can also be used as packaging seals.

Stickers on parcel packaging

Many businesses do not pay attention to the appearance of their parcel packaging, forgetting about the importance of creating a good unwrapping and unboxing experience. A decorated parcel extends the experience of getting something new and adds value to the product. Customers are aware that they had paid for the products delivered to them, but they enjoy the feeling of opening a parcel that looks more like a gift.

Putting stickers on a parcel is a good middle ground because they are much less expensive than purchasing specialty packaging. They will let your customers know instantly that the parcel is from you and build anticipation. You can also include a few extra stickers for them to use as they see fit.

Slap business stickers on any box, bag or envelope to showcase your brand and message. Every outgoing parcel passes from hand to hand, promoting your business along the way to its destination.

Giving stickers to customers

You can give stickers to customers as a thank you for using your service or purchasing your products. If the stickers are creative and visually appealing, your customers will want to stick them onto something they own. Even if they pass them on to someone else, your business will still get exposure.

A branded sticker will help those loyal customers who are not so proactive in promoting your brand to advocate for it. By using your stickers, loyal customers tell the world they like and support your company, and people tend to trust the word of other individuals. 

Handing out stickers at business events

Business events such as trade shows and conferences are a great opportunity to distribute business stickers with cool designs that are relevant to attendees and the industry. Creative and interesting stickers will get people talking about your company, products or services.

You can also distribute stickers at store openings and product launches or any other special business event that is already driving traffic to your store. Make sure that every visitor leaves with a business sticker which will further promote your company.

Applying stickers to personal and workplace items 

Adhere logo stickers to various items in your store or office and add playfulness to the workplace. You can apply stickers to things you and your family carry around with you on a daily basis to effortlessly promote your business.

Business stickers on company vehicles

A well-designed car sticker with the right amount of information and graphic elements will give your company a professional appearance and promote your business while moving from one location to another. Even when your vehicles are parked, your business stickers are still doing their job.

Business stickers on storefront windows and doors

Spruce up your storefront windows with engaging decals to give your brick and mortar shop an extra bit of visual punch and attract the attention of passers-by. Your target audience needs to notice you among many other stores out there. 

To sum up

Stickers are a powerful marketing tool, all while remaining non-intrusive. It is the general perception that stickers are something fun rather than an ad or sales tool that makes them so successful in increasing brand awareness and driving sales. There are various types of stickers that adhere to different substrates, and you have to choose accordingly. Besides that, business stickers require a little more creativity than simply slapping your brand on them in order to work. They need to be compelling visuals to stand out from the competition and resonate with target customers. So, should you include stickers in your company’s marketing strategy? Absolutely. Nothing compares to the potential advertising value of personalised stickers.


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