When the festive cheer dies down and we’re left with grey and gloomy winter days, it’s hard not to start daydreaming of the sunny summer gone by. In fact, with more rainy days than not in Manchester come December through February, perhaps daydreaming isn’t enough – perhaps the trick is to chase the sun!

Warmer weather is closer than you think, and with these 5 winter sun destinations only being a short flight away, perhaps you’ll have a few more days of sun this winter after all!

1. Tenerife

The largest of the Canary Islands attracts over 6 million tourists a year – least of them visiting in the winter months, making it the perfect opportunity to visit this popular island while avoiding the masses. There’s no shortage of things to do whether it be cultural, historical and in the beautiful natural surroundings. With temperatures ranging from 15°-20° in winter, it’s the perfect escape from a cold and wet Manchester! No wonder it was the 4th most popular destination out of Manchester Airport during the festive season!

Flight time from Manchester: 4h 30m

2. Malta

With an average of 22 days of sunshine even in the winter months, in Malta you can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and horse riding along the beach without having to worry about the rain. The famous Maltese Carnival is also an exciting winter event taking place in February each year, a colourful festival to replace the grey skies of Manchester!

Flight time from Manchester:  3h 25m

3. Madeira

This beautiful Portuguese island has many small towns to explore and charming streets. Home to Europe’s highest cliff, scenic hikes and the picturesque city of Funchal, there’s plenty to do even in the winter months. New Year’s Eve is a particularly exciting time in Madeira due to their record-holding fireworks display each year. Temperatures vary around the island but expect high teens in the capital, Funchal.

Flight time from Manchester: 4h 0m

4. Cyprus

Cyprus has one of the warmest winters in the whole of Europe with temperatures reaching up to 23° during the day! There are beautiful beaches with sea temperatures warm enough to swim (if you’re brave enough) at only 17°. There are also interesting archaeological ruins to visit, hiking trails to explore and restaurants with local cuisine. Fly into Paphos for the cheapest flights!

Flight time from Manchester to Paphos: 4h 45m

5. Morocco

If it’s the sun you’re after then Morocco is a great place to visit in the winter months, particularly Marrakesh as it only experiences 3 days of rain a month. Marrakesh sees temperatures around 20° in the winter months, while cities like Agadir experience temperatures as high as 27° in December! Experience culture, food, markets and architecture in one of the world’s most interesting destinations.

Flight time from Manchester to Marrakesh: 3h 40m

Bonus tip!

While planning your winter sun holiday, remember that if your flight is cancelled or delayed, you may be entitled to up to £510, a full refund or both! Flights from or within the EU (including the UK) and all flights to the EU that are operated by European airlines may be eligible. Use credible companies such as AirHelp to find out if your delayed or cancelled flight entitles you to a refund or compensation.


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