Rae Smith, the Olivier award-winning designer of War Horse, will unveil a 25-metre long art installation at The Lowry on Wednesday (13 August) as part of a First World War Commemoration Event for families.

Commissioned by The Lowry, the piece – which is entitled ‘War Horse Panorama’ – incorporates sketches drawn by Smith over a seven-year period (2007-2014) for the National Theatre production and an accompanying illustrated book.

It is designed to trigger people’s memories, not of the tale itself, but rather the experience of watching the acclaimed theatre production or reading the original Michael Morpurgo novel.

Smith, whose prolific career in theatre design has won her Olivier and Tony Awards, will be unveiling the work in The Lowry’s Circle Bar on Wednesday 13 August at 10:30am.

Rae Smith said: “The ‘War Horse Panorama’ is designed to be visually direct and atmospheric – giving access to the experience of the story and all those thoughts and feelings that lie therein, which is great for understanding how a story effects you, and young adults and children, who don’t like to be told what or how to think.”

The unveiling is part of The Lowry’s First World War Family Centenary Event, which is taking place between 10am and 3.30pm.

At that event, the Lancashire Hussars will be talking about the role they – and their horses – played in the First World War;

Salford Museum and Art Gallery will be showcasing their digital archive; and there will be an opportunity to make your own horse or soldier puppet. For more information and full event listings, visit: www.thelowry.com/FirstWorldWar


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