The latest initiative to improve road and rail connections in the region will be unveiled this morning.

The joint One North report will set out how five cities in the North of England including Manchester will urge the government to spend £15bn on plans for a new 125mph inter-city rail link, faster links with Newcastle through a new TransPennine train line and better access to ports and airports.

It comes as the Chancellor George Osborne visits the region where he is expected to say: “Today I give you this personal commitment. Work with me over the coming months and together we will make a reality of the plan I’ve set out for the Northern Powerhouse.” and will add

“I’m ready to commit new money, new infrastructure, new transport and new science. And real new civic power too.”

One North has been put together by Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool and Newcastle with support from Hull, Bradford, Wakefield and York.

Council leaders across the region have argued that for years transport links in the region have been far too slow and inferior compared to those in the south of England.

In total the report proposes:

The report proposes:

• Increased road capacity for both freight and personal travel through extended managed motorways, addressing gaps in the network and improving links to ports.

• A very fast, frequent and high quality intercity rail network joining up city regions – including a new trans-Pennine route (tunnelled as necessary), a faster link to Newcastle and improved access to Manchester Airport.

• Improved regional rail networks to provide additional capacity and help sustain growth, interconnected with HS2 and intercity services plus local tram networks and more park and ride facilities.

• New rolling stock (as a priority), electrification of existing lines, higher service frequencies and addressing pinch-points on the rail network.

• A digital infrastructure enabling real-time information, greater network resilience and faster connections between key areas to personal and business users.

• Improved access to enable efficient freight movements by rail, road and water including ports, rail links and distribution centres.

• Building HS2 early – extending Phase One to Crewe and bringing forwards the delivery of HS2 between Leeds and Sheffield.

• Improving East/West rail freight capability across the Pennines, linking major ports to north/south rail routes.


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