Nexer Digital, the human-centred digital design agency, is celebrating a year of positive impact in a range of sectors after experiencing a record-breaking year of growth in which the company turned over £6.9 million, a 68% increase on the previous year.

Through working with its clients on the research, design and development of products and services, in the past 12 months, the UX expert has helped millions of people to access vital mental health support and care, feel secure in their financial planning and feel safe and supported in their homes.

In addition, the work of Nexer Digital’s teams has supported teachers with relationship and sex education for students with ranging educational needs, created new health pathways for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), dementia and Parkinson’s, and allowed scientists to translate patient safety information for Covid submissions.

Driving the firm’s success is a significant growth in the delivery of user research, service design and related UX services in the UK public sector, including sizeable contracts with the Department for Education and Nest Pensions, with work in the sector increasing by more than 50% from last year.

New opportunities to support clients in the health sector, from life sciences research to medical device and product innovation to the design of inclusive care services have also contributed to the agency’s rapid growth, with projects delivered to clients including AstraZeneca, Health Innovation Manchester, NeuroResponse and ConvaTec Group.

Hilary Stephenson, managing director at Nexer Digital, said: “Our successes over the past year have paved the way to several exciting new opportunities, as well as allowing us to further expand our brilliant delivery team. An uptake in demand for capability in content strategy and service design has led to an exciting influx of talent in these areas. Our overall design group now includes specialist teams in user research, content design, interaction design, service design and product management, and this has been one of the most noteworthy changes of the year.”

The Nexer Digital team expanded by 64% from 55 employees in 2020 to 90 at the end of 2021. Within another 12 months, this is expected to grow again to more than 110 people as we head towards our 15th anniversary in May.

The firm is currently recruiting user researchers, service designers, interactions designers, content designers and software developers. The roles are UK-based and Nexer Digital has demonstrated throughout the pandemic that it can effectively support remote and hybrid working, as well as flexible approaches to job sharing and working hours.

Hilary continued: “Our commitment to diversity and inclusion continues to be a key focus in 2022. This means extending our current networks to reach more diverse talent, putting in place capability development plans and starting a mentoring programme to support people in the earlier stages of their careers. We have also been working on becoming a Disability Confident employer over the past year, and these plans will be accelerated in the coming months.”

Over the next 12 months, the business hopes to continue to extend its work with culture and heritage clients, which is a growing sector, and to connect and build new networks within the tech industry.

Summer 2022 will also see the return of Camp Digital, which was unable to go ahead for two years due to Covid, and the team can’t wait to bring it back as a new hybrid event.

To find out more about Nexer Digital and keep up to date with upcoming news and events, visit and follow @Nexer_Digital on Twitter and Instagram.


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