Starting a business in fashion is never easy. There are many different options and factors to consider, so people find that they have to think carefully before proceeding.

For some reason, you’ll find that a lot of fashion startups flock to Manchester. But why is this? What attributes does Manchester have which make it an excellent choice for the aspiring fashion enthusiast?

Take a look at some of the different reasons why Manchester is great for fashion startups, and figuring out once and for all what makes it such an exceptional place to be.

Technology and E-Commerce

One of the main reasons why Manchester is suitable for fashion startups is the rise of e-commerce. Manchester has led the charge of shops which are not part of the brick and mortar world, and this means that a lot of new designers and sellers have flocked there to be a part of it.

It is estimated that Greater Manchester is home to the largest concentration of small online businesses anywhere in the UK. A lot of these are fashion startups, who came to be a part of the magic. This wave of new thinkers means that the clothing industry is getting a much-needed boost in the area. The demand for manufacturing facilities in the surrounding areas has increased, as is the chance for a new business to establish themselves as companies to watch.

Developing technology and innovative creators from within the area mean that startups based in Manchester have first access to some of the latest and most fabulous ideas. There are also a host of online resources to utilise such as Sewport, which brings clothing manufacturers and fashion brands together to boost the industry.

Upcoming Fashion Scene

The fashion scene in Manchester is continuously evolving and changing. Now more than ever before, there is a growth in the number of different businesses with different perspectives.

This growth, of course, does result in the constant development of a diverse and ever-changing fashion scene. Inspiration is rife in this particular city, and it makes perfect sense for a fashion startup to come here in search of new influences for their designs and methods. Every part of the fashion process can be shaped and improved and being in such a distinctly unique locale means that a business can transform every day.

Overall, it is easy to see why Manchester is renowned for fashion startups. The city is one who has seen many different people come with ideas and thoughts which are unique to them, and then they’ve turned those thoughts into a business.

Fashion startups are usually working against the horde of major players in the industry, so it is counterbalanced by the sheer volume of inspirational ideas and muses which exist. A startup can find inspiration with ease in the Manchester area, thanks to a diverse culture and all the other designers who are making their mark in the industry. It’s not that much of a stretch to say that this is one of the hubs of fashion.


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