It comes as no surprise that most markets are becoming an extremely competitive place to be. However, that said, there are still many organisations (mostly smaller entities) that do not have any presence online. In some situations, this is not too much of an issue. Yet, as generational divides indicate the changes in the way people shop for products and services, by not having this presence, businesses could start to see a drop in custom. 

For many small and local business owners, digital marketing can seem like a colossal task. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Starting with some simple strategies, these companies could see more interest and increased custom to help them flourish. 

Take a look at why digital marketing can help Manchester businesses capture a local and national audience. 

It helps create an accessible portfolio

Whether you offer a product or service, people are searching for more things online these days than ever before. If a company doesn’t have a web presence, there is nothing online to show people that might enquire this way. More people are shopping online, and even if you don’t have an e-commerce website, this platform enables you to showcase what you do and where people can find you. They’re not too tricky to set up on a basic level. However, if you want something that stands out, enlisting a web design agency such as will ensure you get a design perfect for your company. 

Customers can see real reviews

Unless you have lots of repeat custom through word of mouth, reviews are an essential way to help people see what you offer. Of course, there is a risk of fake reviews, but in most cases, people will tell you what they think both good and bad. Having the chance to get feedback from customers is a great way to improve your business. You can use a review system like Trustpilot on your website or ask people to rate you on Facebook and Google. Learning how to respond without emotion getting in the way is also a lesson that can be a hard pill to swallow but getting the balance right will ensure you improve your business to encourage more interest. 

Affordable social media marketing options

If you don’t have a large budget for marketing, that doesn’t mean digital marketing can’t work for you. One avenue to explore is social media marketing, especially through Facebook.

This platform is a great way to tailor your message to a local audience, and you can set a budget depending on your marketing spend. Facebook has tons of insights on their users, and this allows you to hone your advertising, so you don’t waste money on the wrong audience.

Other affordable ways to drive people to your business is through pay-per-click (PPC) and email marketing. Each has pros and cons and learning what works for your company can help you bring the right people to your brand. Don’t forget to keep your Google My Business page up to date too so when people search for you, they have the right information every time. 


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