The Government has confirmed that vaccine role out will continue to be by age as it confirms that people aged between 40-49 will be next on the list

The JCVI recommended that age continue to be the major determinant, rather than professions such as teachers or police officers.

A Government spokesperson said: “The most effective way to minimise hospitalisations and deaths is to continue to prioritise people by age. This is because age is assessed to be the strongest factor linked to mortality, morbidity and hospitalisations, and because the speed of delivery is crucial as we provide more people with protection from Covid-19.”

After those over forty have been protected, people  aged 30-39 will be called before reaching those aged 18-29.

These groups will be vaccinated once all those in phase 1 (the over-50s and most vulnerable) have received a jab.

Professor Wei Shen Lim, Covid-19 chair for JCVI, said: “The current strategy is to prioritise those who are more likely to have severe outcomes and die from Covid-19. The evidence is clear that the risk of hospitalisation and death increases with age.

“The vaccination programme is a huge success and continuing the age-based rollout will provide the greatest benefit in the shortest time, including to those in occupations at a higher risk of exposure.”


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