Twenty pupils from year two at St Luke’s Church of England primary school, Salford came together with residents from Peterloo Court sheltered housing in Weaste today to help the NHS celebrate its 70th birthday.

The birthday party, which was organised by NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, created an opportunity for the Peterloo Court residents to talk to the local children about their experiences of the NHS was when it was first established seventy years ago.

The party goers then took time to reflect on how the NHS has evolved to become what it is today and discussed what needs to be done to protect the NHS going forward.

The children arrived at the party armed with homemade birthday cards and messages of thanks for their NHS. They enjoyed playing games of NHS bingo and Operation together with the Peterloo Court residents whilst listening to music in the background from 1948.

After singing ‘happy birthday’, everyone enjoyed a slice of NHS birthday cake whilst the children enjoyed dressing up as doctors and nurses.

Chair of Salford CCG, Dr Tom Tasker states; “The landmark 70th birthday of the NHS has provided us with the perfect opportunity to bring the young people together with those who remember the days of the NHS in its infancy and to celebrate the achievements of one of the nation’s most loved institutions. It also gives us the chance to thank all those who have worked in the NHS since 1948 for their continued support.

However, we must not forget the daily pressures the NHS is currently facing and therefore do all we can to help the organisation out by taking steps to stay healthy and to use the services appropriately. We can then all look forward to celebrating many more NHS birthdays to come.”


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