Chinyere Mckenzie, a former pop singer of the millennial pop band VS, which was the brainchild of Simon Webbe from Blue Signed to Virgin Atlantic records, returned to her childhood home in Moss Side after a painful divorce from her premiership footballer husband, only to find a community ridden with heartache and trauma from gun and knife crime.

As she arrives, a young boy was stabbed and killed, which became a familiar story that echoed through news headlines across England and in other deprived neighbourhoods. Feeling propelled to make a change. Chinyere sets out on her mission to turn trauma into excellence by creating a Social Enterprise, Youtube Docu-series and Radio Show, called Muma Knows Best.

With the success of episode one docu-series on YouTube, Ep.2 is launching on 21st of October themed around solving issues of crime. Chinyere has also launched a new Go Fund Me campaign called, From Trauma To Excellence. To help mothers and other members of the community who have suffered trauma from the hands of a gun and knife crime, gang warfare or any other mental health issues not addressed by governmental or community institutions. The campaign sets to empower marginalised, disadvantaged women and those who have experienced trauma in the community. By giving them a voice to be heard that propel them to excellence, in society, business, family life and community development.

Check out the gofundme, Trauma to Excellence Campaign, the full film here:


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