A new mental health facility, based at North Manchester General Hospital’s Emergency Department, is welcoming patients who are in need of urgent mental health care.

The joint programme between the North Manchester General Hospital (NMGH) and Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH) repurposed an area adjacent to the Emergency Department to divert people in mental health crisis away from the busy A&E into a more appropriate area, staffed by mental health professionals and offer urgent appointments as part of the GM Urgent Care by appointment scheme.

‘The Green Room’, is a new facility which accepts patients who are experiencing a mental health crisis. They will be cared for in calm environment, away from the Emergency Department, which can often worsen crisis mental health situations.

Individuals needing critical mental health care are treated and supported by the most appropriate mental health professional. This has obvious benefits for the patient in crisis who receives timely care in the right place, but it also frees up staff in the Emergency Department to treat people who have urgent physical health needs.

Deborah Partington, Director of Operations for GMMH said, “We welcome this development and would like to thank both NMGH and GMMH staff who made this happen. Busy emergency departments are no place for someone experiencing a mental health crisis, as they can be stressful and anxiety-provoking. They need to be treated as soon as possible, away from the pressure of the emergency department. By receiving this timely care in a specialist area, we can be confident people are getting the care they need at the right time and in the right place.”

Ian Lurcock, Chief Executive at North Manchester General Hospital, which is part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The COVID pandemic is putting increased pressure on all parts of society and the NHS where there is an increase in patients presenting with mental health conditions. Working in an integrated system with GMMH partners and the provision of this facility will ensure these patients can be treated away from the Emergency Department and receive quality, patient-centred care in the most appropriate environment.”


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