Portugal, a country overshadowed by its neighbour Spain, in the field of tourism, and has managed to become an attractive place for many tourists who have wanted to know the European continent, for its old world charms, renowned wines, its architecture, its restaurants of exotic food and clothing and jewelry stores in Portugal identify its culture. Thus giving an idea of what we can find in this country where the simplicity and authenticity of its luxuries stands out.

One of the places that attracts the attention of many visitors, specifically in the south of the country, is the Algarve region. Beyond its 200 km of beaches that overlook the Mediterranean, its towns, culture, lakes and parks also give something to talk about, in addition to its famous golf courses, they add a luxurious attraction for everyone who visits it.

Places that stand out in Algarve

Being a country near the sea, what stands out the most are the beaches themselves, and the attraction for anyone who loves nature, for its lakes and structures, citizens take advantage of and manage to mark that peaceful and summer air in their events and places.

From the moment you enter the country, in this case from Spain by vehicle, one of the first areas that can be appreciated is the city of Tavira, you can see remains of fortresses that were born, and the possibility of traveling by ferry through the Rio Formosa natural park, attracts anyone who enjoys history and nature. This city has one of the most privileged areas in the entire Algarve, Quinta Do Lago beach, which has a residential complex and one of the most luxurious golf courses, tennis courts, among others, with renowned jewelry stores, like David Rosas, in addition to obtaining a beautiful view of the sea.

If we continue to know the region, we can come across one of the most visited beaches, Praia da Falésia, very attractive due to its warmth that gives reddish tones to a type of beige. But if we want something that shows us how the high-born enjoy their vacations, we will have to go to Vilamoura, an area commonly visited by the rich and famous, for its golf courses, the possibility of touring the coasts by yacht and the nightlife, from renowned bars and clubs that the city offers.

Another city that resembles its style, but due to its popularity, especially its history, is Albufeira, chosen by many as the first city to visit, it offers you the culture of what civilizations came to offer you, in addition to having a nightlife that leaves you speechless.

The best decision that every tourist in the Portuguese country can make.

If you are looking to take a break from life, and let yourself be carried away by the air of nature, and the sound of the waves, go down or reach the Portuguese country, and tour its regions, and stop in Algarve to enjoy its natural parks, It is the best option you could take, its culture so luxurious, it will bring peace and calm, in addition to giving you a pinch of past cultures, and a bit of excitement with its nightlife.


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