Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia, and rightfully so. It is one of the oldest cities in the Southern hemisphere, being the center of the Gold Rush in the 19th century. Melbourne also hides more than it reveals- the most exciting cafes, bars, and restaurants can often be found on the backside of an unknown alley.

With its sunlit cafes, roof-top bars, extensive malls, and large stores, Melbourne has a lot to offer for people- locals and tourists alike. And Melbourne central is the place which brings all these together. By visiting Melbourne Central you can check out the upcoming events such as fashion weeks, music concerts happening in Melbourne. Not only that, you will get special offers on buying clothes, accessories and other products from more than 300 National and International brands, housed in Melbourne Central

If you are looking for places to visit during your weekend tour, we have got you covered. Stick to us till the end- 

  • Victoria art gallery: –

Victoria Art Gallery at Melbourne is the oldest public art gallery in Australia. You can appreciate more than 75000 works of art belonging to a different period and embodying diverse cultures. Victoria Art gallery not only exhibits paintings but also showcases sculptures, contemporary art, and aboriginal artworks.

It is divided into two parts. St. Kilda Road Building holds the international works. It is famous for its great hall, where viewers can lie on the floor to admire the beauty of the stained-glass ceiling.

The Ian Potter Gallery at Federation Square hosts the largest collection of Australian artworks. Moreover, throughout the year, it holds more than 40 exhibitions. You will get a comprehensive overview of the history of Aboriginal art and insights into 21-st century mixed media. 

  • Royal Botanic Garden: –

Royal botanic garden is another major attraction in Melbourne. Home to more than 10000 species of plants, it is a sprawling garden spanning 38 hectares to the Yarra River.

Ian Potter Foundation Children Park, one of the three major attractions inside the park, is a perfect place to introduce your kids to rare and exotic plants. Whereas Fern Galley offers you an escape from the hubbub of the city. On the other hand, Aboriginal Heritage Walk celebrates the rich heritage of Indigenous culture.

Additionally, Royal Botanic Garden also screens popular films in the evening under the open sky. You can bring your food and beverage with you too.  

  • Eureka tower: –

The 91-storey Eureka tower, situated at the heart of Southbank, offers a grand view of the Melbourne skyline. The golden window pane glistens with sunlight in the afternoon.

The 89th floor Skydeck is the topmost viewpoint in the tower. The thrill of watching the city from up above is unparalleled. If you are more adventurous, head out to The Edge. It is a glass cube that slides three meters from the building- definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

  • Museums and Exhibition Centers: –

Located in the Carlton Gardens, Melbourne Museum is the largest museum in the southern hemisphere. This age-old building not only holds historical artifacts but also exhibits specimens related to science and the environment. It has an aboriginal culture center to acquaint you with the lesser-known indigenous culture. 

Adjacent to this is the Royal Exhibition Building, which is historically famous for holding the first Commonwealth Parliament of Australia in 1901. Guided tours inside the place are available. You can also book tickets for upcoming exhibitions and events. The one such is on Finders Street, located inside the Old Customs House, the Immigrations Museum exhibits on Australia’s immigration history. It offers an insightful and perceptive overview of present-day Australia.

  • City circle tram tour: –

Melbourne city circle tram is free to ride service shuttling between popular tourist attractions in the city. This ‘hop-on, hop-off tram service also provides running commentary while passing by a major building or a tourist spot.

The route covers Parliament House, the Old Treasury Building, Princess Theatre, and the Windsor Hotel. You can get off anywhere you want, to explore these historical places. Except on Christmas and Easter, you can board the City Circle Tram on any day of the week. 

These are our picks for a quick weekend trip around Melbourne. With so many things to do and so many places to visit, Melbourne is surely a rewarding weekend destination.  


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