Flying private is such a peaceful experience to have compared to commercial flying, but you might notice that the price isn’t always fixed.

When booking a commercial flight, it is easy to quickly type your destination and look at the available flights and their prices. When you fly private, you can’t always do that.

Today we will go over some of the factors that can affect the private jet price that will help you determine what your flight might look like.

Factors That Determine Private Jet Prices

Aircraft Category and Type

There are different types and sizes of private jets, so the overall aircraft determines the price. Here are some types that you might not be familiar with or prefer, but they each can vary in price.

  • Turboprops prices 
  • Light size jets 
  • Mid-size aircraft 
  • Super mid-size 
  • Heavy jets 
  • Ultra-long-range private jets 

So overall, the initial jet type determines the base price. Some people don’t have a preference for the aircraft category, but if you are having other people join you on your flight, you might want to consider the size.


It is no surprise that the distance will factor in the costs because more time in the air will cost more. 

Longer distances will require specific jets like an ultra-long-range jet, so the distance will also go hand in hand.

Services & Amenities

Next are the services and amenities that every private jet company offers. Luxury private jet companies do cater towards providing a high end experience.

Services, amenities, and features can include the following.

  • Personal Chef
  • Personal Bathroom with showers
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Meeting rooms
  • Lending technology like TV, speakers, etc.

These were just a few, but obviously, these features and services will add to the price. You will generally find these features with luxury private jet companies like Fast Private Jet, which focus on providing their guests’ experience.

Age of Aircraft

This next factor might seem odd, but it goes hand in hand with the previous sections. Older aircraft won’t include additional features and mainly provide extra space and comfort. 

In general, an older aircraft can be cheaper unless it is known for its age and high demand. So newer aircraft that are fresh and have more to offer will be more expensive.


Lastly, we have the locations! Specific locations may be harder to access for various reasons, so this might come at an extra cost. If a private jet can’t take you somewhere, they will let you know, but they will generally do their best.

Final Thoughts

Many factors go into private jet hire prices, especially with the different types of companies. Some companies like to cater towards a luxury experience, while others solely focus on providing a private experience.

Whatever experience you choose, you can expect these common factors along with a few others!


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