Food banks, charities and communitygroups across Manchester arebeing helped to support local peoplewith emergency foodamid the Covid-19 crisis thanks to£15m of donations from Tesco. 

Tesco is donatingthe additionalfoodto supportits partner charities the Trussell Trust andFareSharetorespond to the extra demands to provide emergency food supplies caused by the pandemic. 

Already 122 trucks fullofTescofooddonationshave beendelivered tothe two charities, with 116 tonnes of foodbeing delivered to theFareShareregionalcentre in Greater Manchesterto support 232 charities with 276,196 meals-worth of food, and enough long-life food to provide almost 1,000 meals for people in crisis being supplied to local Trussell Trust food banks each week. 

The extra deliveries are on top of the£3millionsurplus food thatTescoalready distributes to some 7,000 charities and community groups across the UKeach monthdue to its ongoing partnership withFareShare. 

Miranda Kaunang, Development Manager for FareShare in Greater Manchester,said the additional donations from Tesco were making a huge difference to charities and community groups which receive supplies from them. 

 Miranda said: “We are immensely thankful to Tesco for their continued support during the coronavirus pandemic. Many of the frontline charities we work with continue to provide essential support within their communities, and the additional donations from Tesco will help us tokeep upa steady supply of food to them during this difficult time.” 

 Foodbanksin the Trussell Trust networkacross Greater Manchester have also benefitted from the Tesco food donations,with recent figures for the charity showing that demand at food banks has increased by more than 80% amidst the pandemic. 

 Gareth Duffield, the Trussell Trust’s area manager for Greater Manchester, saidthe donations were helping to supportpeople unable to afford their own food:   

“We’re incredibly grateful for Tesco’s continued support throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Food banks in our network across Greater Manchesterhave gone above and beyond to ensure they’re able to continue to provide the lifeline of emergency food. These additional food donations from Tesco have helped to ensure people in financial crisis in Manchester are able to access the emergency food and support they need during these challenging times” 

 The £15m of additional food donated by Tesco is part of a £30m package of support from the supermarket toaidcharities and voluntary groups in their response to the crisis. 

“In every part of the UK there are charities and community groups doing amazing work to feed people during the pandemic, and we are glad that we have been able to support them in helping so many vulnerable people,” said Tesco’s Head of Community, Claire De Silva. 

“At Tesco we regularly donate surplus tocharitiesand community groups through our Community Food Connection scheme,and we have permanent collection points in more than 500 stores for the Trussell Trust’s foodbanksandFareShare. But the Covid-19 outbreak has placed incredible demandsoncommunities in every part of theUK andthat’s why we felt the need to provide even more practical help by sending £15m of food from our depots to help local charities and foodbanks across the country.” 

Tesco’s£30mpackage of support forcharities during the Covid-19 pandemic also includes a £1m cash donation to the Trussell Trust andFareShareto support their running costs, a £2m donation to the British Red Cross and a £2m pot fromits Bags of Help community donation scheme to support local charities and community groups supporting vulnerable peoplewith £500 grants. 


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