Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has apologised for Thursday’s election disaster and has promised to listen to voters who abandoned the party.

In a letter to the Sunday Mirror, he told Labour voters, “We will learn the lessons of this defeat, above all by listening to lifelong Labour voters who we’ve lost in working class communities. This party exists to represent them. We will earn their trust back.”

He added:

I’m sorry that we came up short and I take my responsibility for it…..I’m proud that our message was one of hope, rather than fear.”

Labour lost two solid seats in Greater Manchester to the Tories following their election meltdown, Andy Burnham’s old seat of Leigh and Heywood and Middleton.

However in another article in this morning’s Observer he adds

“There is no doubt that our policies are popular, from public ownership of rail and key utilities to a massive house-building programme and a pay rise for millions. The question is how can we succeed in future where we didn’t this time?”


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