TfGM cyclists

Greater Manchester’s road users are being encouraged to be more aware of cyclists and motorcyclists this Road Safety Week (November 19 to 25).

More than a third (37%) of all deaths and serious injuries on roads in the North West in 2017 were bike riders. On average, a cyclist or motorcyclist is killed or seriously injured every hour on British roads.

Drivers are being encouraged to be ‘Bike Smart’ and to be more aware of bikes by:

  • Slowing Down: Give yourself more time to spot danger and react.
  • Doing the Dutch Reach: Avoid ‘car dooring’ cyclists by using your opposite hand to open the door. This forces you to look behind you so you can check for approaching bikes.
  • Turning your head: Take time to look properly for bikes before you pull out at junctions.
  • Leave 150: Leave at least 150cm between your vehicle and a bike when overtaking.
  • You’re not a bike!: Never stop in bike boxes at junctions, and don’t drive or park in cycle lanes.

Peter Boulton, TfGM’s Head of Highways, said: “Last year 788 people were killed or seriously injured on Greater Manchester’s roads, which is 788 too many. It is our long-term aim to reduce this number to as close to zero as possible. To do that we are making our roads safer by building more dedicated cycling and walking infrastructure and managing traffic more intelligently.

“Another fundamental part of this is encouraging better driver behaviour. That is why we are supporting Road Safety Week and these clear tips to drivers on how they can be more aware of their fellow two wheeled road users. They’re simple, intuitive and easy to remember and if people follow them they will save lives.”

Road Safety Week is coordinated by the road safety charity Brake. You can find out more at:  #BikeSmart

In a recent study carried out by insurance firm, Insure the Box, it was also revealed that motorists are more than 30% more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident the first four weeks after the clocks go back.


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