Do you own a golf cart? Do you find you make use of the cart regularly and for that reason, you’d love to give it a bit of a makeover? The typical golf cart isn’t exactly exciting to look at, and they only really have standard features so nothing stands out. You have to make the cart work for you and your needs rather than the other way around.  

But things don’t have to be that way as there are tons of tips you can use that will allow you to personalize your golf cart. Here are some golf cart personalization tips and ideas that anyone can embrace. 

Bling Out Your Cart with a Body Kit

How many times have you looked at your golf cart only to sigh and wish it didn’t look like everyone else’s? The perfect solution could be to pick up a body kit. These will transform the look of your cart, making it look high-end and of course customized to your liking. These body kits feature moulded bodies in different colours, configurations and styles. 

Add Golf Cart Rear Seats – Increase Functionality and Customize the Look

How many times have you wished that your two-passenger golf cart could seat more people? Perhaps you typically play in a group of four and you wish the golf cart you owned was able to seat everyone. Well, there is a solution and that’s to look at the custom rear seat kits available. These use a bench-style configuration so that you can seat two more people in your golf cart. It can be designed to your taste so you’re thrilled with the results. 

Golf seats in general, not just rear seats, are a popular customization feature. Some owners just want to give their cart a modern look, replace damaged seats and bring it back to like-new condition. 

Give Rear Passengers the Convenience of Cup Holders

Here’s an item that your passengers will be really happy you add, and that’s rear cup holders. They can be placed on either side of the seat and are attached to the outside frame. Be sure to look for the armrest and cup holder combinations as they are more secure, tend to have a deeper cup holder so drinks don’t bounce around, and they also function as a comfortable armrest. 

You’ll need to be sure that the model you choose works with your golf cart, as there are different types available. In general, these are simple customization features you can do yourself as the hardware should be included in the package. 

Tired of the Cold Seats – Upgrade to Heated Seats

For many golfers who are out on the course early in the morning, it can be quite chilly out there. The same goes for golfers who like to stretch out the season into fall or those who live in a year-round golfing destination that gets a little cooler in the winter months. The perfect feature is to customize the seats so they are heated. You can purchase golf cart seat heater kits that are quick and easy to install and will feel as luxurious as your heated seats in your car. 

Give Yourself More Cargo Space

We’ve also got a way to increase cargo space while customizing your golf cart. You can install a golf cart front basket that is perfect for all kinds of items. Make sure you look for one that is durable and can not only stand up to the weather conditions but can also handle a fair amount of weight. 

Using these tips and customization features will allow you to transform your golf cart into something that looks great and performs to your expectations. 


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