When speaking to successful people, be it from Manchester, Birmingham to London,  it often becomes clear that they have always had their eye on the prize. They have a clearly defined niche that they have pursued to earn a satisfying career.

Following a career trajectory with the objective of achieving a specific goal is a more effective plan then just focusing on the next job. The difficult bit for many is identifying the niche, and the goal.

1.Understand and define your niche

Ask yourself what you are passionate about. Think about what energises you and interests you. Working towards a goal that bores you will be a much tougher journey. It can pay to be open to new opportunities and directions, even if you have no prior experience.

Be true to your values and don’t sacrifice your integrity, this won’t lead to fulfilment. Consider your strengths and weaknesses. If you aren’t sure what these are you can ask for a frank conversation with a line manager or colleague.

Once you have identified your strengths then you can play to them. Combining interests and hobbies with professional experience can be a winning combination. Your niche is something that will make you happy and enthusiastic at work. This in turn has a good chance of blossoming into a successful career.

2. Job Searching

Searching for work on generalised job sites can feel overwhelming as the results are far reaching. Narrowing down exactly what it is you want to do means you can search certain job criteria and secure an easier to manage search and results that are more relevant to you. If you can identify a niche community of job posts this is even better.

For example, if you are looking for a career in events then visiting a specialist in event recruitment will ensure that you only access jobs that appeal to you. There will be fewer applicants and you have more chance of the recruiter viewing your application in more detail.

3. Networking

Networking is of increasing importance when it comes to securing your dream job. Targeted networking is key though. Find influential people in your field to make contact with and speak to your contacts in the industry who can share the wisdom of their experience.

Arrange meetings and ask questions, people are usually very happy to talk about their job and offer advice.

They can then put you in touch with other contacts. Developing a network means that you have access to information, you get yourself known and you find out about new job openings. If you don’t have any existing contacts then attend lectures, seminars, conferences and webinars and make new ones!

4. Social Media

Social media is a great way to keep up to date with your specialist subject. Follow people who post up to date information and articles and read everything you can. Following key players in your field means you will access interesting opinion pieces and will also become familiar with other people who are useful to follow.

Join industry specific LinkedIn groups to make connections and keep up to date with trends and news. Becoming a regular contributor to online threads and conversations means that you yourself become a familiar name. This in depth and relevant knowledge can be invaluable in a job interview.

5. Develop your skills

Upskill yourself! The more qualified you are, the better chance you have of landing the perfect job. Attend training and gain as much experience as you can. Volunteering is a great way of doing this whilst also using your skills for the greater good. And apprenticeship are a good way to learn on the job.

You can gain valuable experience and make important networks of contacts. If an organisation is impressed with you, it may even lead to employment opportunities.

If you want to find a job in your specialist niche then ensure that you can demonstrate those specialist skills. Aim to stand out from the crowd with your unique experience.

Define your niche and ensure that employers understand your unique package and how it can benefit them. Believe in yourself and your niche, follow your dreams and the rest will follow.


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