If you are thinking of visiting a beautiful Mediterranean island, probably one, which sits off Italy’s toe, Sicily needs to be on top of your destination list. Sicily is the biggest Italian island that has been attracting travelers with cultural treasures and natural wonders.

The natural wonders, mountain scenery, and juxtaposition of the sea, make this island a stunning backdrop for many outdoor activities. Apart from the ancient architectural and artistic gems, there are more solid reasons why you should visit Sicily in 2021; these are:

1. Food and Wine

When many individuals think of Italian food, pizza and pasta come to mind. However, the Mediterranean diet and Sicilian cuisine transcend these ubiquitous culinary delights. Sicilian cuisine, regarded as the top regional dishes of Italy, is rich and diversified as its culture and history, boasting dishes with decadent flavor profiles. Recipes in Sicily are influenced by the Greek, Spanish, Arab, and French, which previously occupied the region, giving travelers a chance to taste Sicilian cuisine.

Sicilian appetizers are a great prelude to major meals, though they can also be dishes by themselves. Carciofi, frittata, cheesy arancinette, and peperoni ripieni are some of the appetizers you can enjoy for antipasti during your holiday to Sicily. White and red wines pair well with most of the antipasti. Light-bodied reds are great for every antipasto, but fuller-bodied whites work perfectly well with marinated vegetables and spicy olives.

2. Art

Apart from an abundance of spell-building natural beauty, Sicily is an amazing destination for travelers who want to absorb a little culture and art. From mansions and mosaics to Ancient Greek temples, Sicilian culture is an open book flocked with a colorful and vibrant historical legacy, which entices travelers in the present days. The island is also filled with palaces, churches, museums that can make your planning overwhelming at the very least.

Yet, there are great ways you may create a thematic list depending on the element of culture, historical period, or Sicilian artist. Some of the arts and sights you can see in Sicily include:

  • Renato Guttuso
  • The Dancing Satyr
  • Stucco Sculptures
  • Golden Mosaics
  • Flemish Tapestries
  • Folk Art

3. Beaches

Sicily is known for its dramatic coastline and brilliant beaches. Characterized by more pebble beaches, the Sicilian islands and the mainland, which speckle its coasts, are charming and plentiful. Beaches, like Cala Mosche, might not have sun loungers, ice-cream vendors, or bars, but it is quiet for tourists seeking a peaceful location.

San Vito Lo Capo is also a crescent-shaped sandy beach with turquoise waters, sure to impress beach-lovers. This beach is set against the imposing backdrop of Monte Monaco, a coastal town that serves as a big hit for climbers. If you as well need to visit other beaches, including Mondello, Sampieri, Calamosche, and Cefalu, the best way to stay on the island is to hire a Sicily villa rental, surrounded by the inviting and blue waters of the Mediterranean.

The Bottom Line!

Tucked with food & wine, plenty of history, and great culture, Sicily has a lot to offer, attracting its tourists with cultural treasures and natural wonders.

Therefore, if you are planning for another trip to Italy, Sicily needs to top your list of destinations to have a chance of eating Sicilian dishes, exploring the beaches, and seeing the most popular sights.


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