Integrated agency Jam_ has brought its innovation and creativity to Manchester’s latest and most exciting tech company, which aims to become the city’s first $1 billion startup within a year.
Prevayl is launching a range of intelligent textiles with integrated hardware that transforms everyday clothing into smart, tech-powered wearables.
Tracking seven bio-signals, the technology featured in the wearables is a global first and is designed to truly enhance lives and make the world a healthier, safer and smarter place.
Jam_ worked closely with the startup’s founders to create a strong yet simple brand presence, designed to showcase the company’s unique, life-changing offering.
The project included bringing the brand’s vision and its powerful ‘imagine if’ tagline to life, to showcase the endless possibilities Prevayl’s tech offers to the human race. Jam_ – which is based in Manchester’s northern quarter – created all of the startup’s identity, branding and brand messaging.
Prevayl’s smart wearables are aimed at a number of sectors including fashion, fitness, healthcare and defence. Jam_ communicated the tech-powered solutions for each audience by recognising the individual pressure points. The key messages for each sector were developed by the agency’s skilled creative copywriters to ensure that they resonated and communicated how Prevayl’s smart textiles could truly enhance their lives and solve problems.
Jam_ also created Prevayl’s new website, which was designed to showcase the vision and technology, along with the brand’s overall mission and partnerships. Jam_’s creative team developed a bold, editorial style and also created future-thinking visuals for the startup.
Video production company Anattic, known for its work with national brands Ellesse and Tate, was also enlisted to create an impactful message to introduce the brand to the world. The high-energy video showcases Prevayl’s mission to make a global difference while staying true to its Mancunian roots.
Dave Gee, Co-founder and Creative Director at Jam_ , said: “We’re delighted to be working with Prevayl. We aim to inspire meaningful action in our work, and working alongside a brand that is set to have such a positive impact was a great fit for us. We imprinted the impactful messaging into the core of the brand, and we feel that our team really captured the life-changing and powerful ethos of the company’s mission.
“Whilst we had a short turnaround time on the project, the team put everything they had into it, conducting a week long design sprint which delivered a strong and future-proof brand that will be around for years to come.
“It’s always great for us to partner with exciting Manchester companies, and this city is well known for its pioneers, revolutionaries and its ingenuity. The tech startup scene is absolutely booming and it’s a pleasure to play a part in it.”
Adam Crofts, CEO of Prevayl, commented: “Prevayl’s core values and ambitious business strategy required a strong, stylish and meaningful brand presence that will showcase our global innovation and mission to make the world a better place, for years to come.
“The team at Jam_ delivered a hugely successful project in a tight time frame, and we are confident that the sleek yet impactful branding will help to propel us towards becoming Manchester’s first unicorn tech startup within a year of trading.”
Jam _ offers a range of integrated services, from PR, social media and digital, to branding and web design.


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