The series re-examines the case of backpackers Chris Farmer and Peta Frampton, who went missing while travelling through Belize in Central America.

The childhood sweethearts from Chorlton were found drowned on 8 July 1978. They were last been seen on a boat skippered by an American man, Silas Duane Boston, who sailed with his two young sons Vince, 13 and Russell, 12.

Boston was the only suspect. Yet he wasn’t arrested for 38 years, despite his sons claiming they had witnessed their father murder the couple. He died in custody before he could be brought to justice.

Over nine episodes, 5 Live’s Stephen Nolan and reporter Dan Maudsley attempt to discover the truth behind the murders. They meet Chris and Peta’s families, including Chris’ sister Penny Farmer, as well as Silas Duane Boston’s eldest son Vince, and investigators associated with the case.

They retrace Chris and Peta’s journey to Belize and examine why the authorities took so long to act: was it a simple mishap that allowed Silas Duane Boston to escape justice for so long, or something more sinister? They also ask – did Boston even commit the murders?

What 5 Live has found not only sheds light on who may have killed Chris and Peta, but raises serious questions for US and UK law enforcement.

Paradise follows BBC Radio 5 Live’s previous successful true crime series: the award-winning Beyond Reasonable Doubt and End Of Days (based on the story of the siege of Waco, Texas).

Paradise is available first on BBC Sounds in nine weekly episodes starting Monday 25 February 2019.


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