Let’s face it, there are no shortages of places in and around Manchester at which you can gamble, there are plenty of betting shops, casinos, and you will of course find amusement arcades along with fruit machines in every pub and club too.

Even buying a scratch card or lottery ticket has never been easier, and for those people that are experiencing problems gambling, the temptation is always going to be there for them to risk their money gambling in one way or another.

However, many people tend to gamble at home these days, either on their computers, tablet devices and even on their smart phones too, and that does add another problem for those that are gambling way too much, for they no longer have to leave their homes to do so.

There are however several ways that anybody that is in the grip of a gambling problem can seek help and support, and for those that need help curtailing their gambling activities online or when gambling with the aid of a mobile device, there are many tools that they can make use of too.

Have a look at non gamstop sites to learn more about how you can use Gamstop to help you with problem gambling. 

One of those tools is known as Gamstop, and for those that have made the decision to stop gambling, but require help to do so, it is a service that should be made use of and one that really can put the temptation of gambling online or via a mobile device out of reach for many gamblers too.

What Gamstop Offers Problem Gamblers

Gamstop is a service that is available to anyone based in the UK that wishes to sign up to it, and by doing so you are going to have to give some personal details that will help identify you and signing up will take just a few minutes.

Once you have registered all of the gambling site operators that are part of that scheme will then be given your details, and they are going to then be required to close your accounts that you hold at any of the apps or sites that they operate.

As such, very quickly you are going to find that all of the gambling site accounts you hold that are part of the scheme will be closed down or suspended, you can however pick a time scale for your accounts to be suspended for.

Those time limits are either 6 months, 12 months or 5 full years, and at no time will you be permitted to open another account at any of the sites that are part of the Gamstop scheme until the time period you have chosen expiries.

Currently Gamstop is a voluntary scheme that UK Gambling Commission licensed sites can sign up to, however that gambling commission are looking into making it an obligatory scheme for all their licensed gambling site operators very soon.

So if you do gamble regularly at one or more gambling sites that are signed up to Gamstop, by signing up to Gamstop yourself then all of your accounts at those sites that are part of the scheme are going to be closed down or suspended very quickly.

Other Handy Tools to Help Stay in Control

If you do pick out a gambling site that is both fully licensed and regulated, those sites are going to be offering you a range of gambling limit option settings when you log into your account.

Whilst you may not feel you have a gambling problem, never forget that it can be and often is a pastime that is fraught with danger, and one that if you do get too carried away with can cost you a  great deal of money too.

When you log into a licensed online casino site for example when playing at that site in a real money playing environment, you are going to be able to make use of the gambling limit option settings, and one of those settings is going to allow you to select a deposit limit for that session, or over any given time period too.

Therefore, do consider setting a deposit limit on your account, for if you do experience a losing session you are not going to be able to continue depositing when you really shouldn’t be doing so.

Other option settings available will let you set your own loss limits too, and once reached you will not be able to continue gambling at that site, and you will also find that you are going to be able to set a time limit regarding your gambling activities at those licensed casino sites too, so always consider setting a loss limit and time limit too.

Help and Advice for Problem Gamblers

If you feel that you are no longer in control of your gambling activities, then it really is important that you take a step back and seek the help and support you need.

Whilst that is often much easier said than done, when in the grips of a gambling addiction problem, the sooner you do seek help and support the sooner you can get your life back on track.

You will find plenty of help and support groups are available, one of which is Gamblers Anonymous, and another is GamCare, both offer a range of different confidential services to anyone that is affected by any type of gambling problem.

Their respective websites are certainly worth checking out, for they will give you an insight into the help that is on hand, and how you can go about seeking and getting that support.

Gamblers Anonymous for example offer face to face group meetings, in all major towns and cities, and whilst it can take a great deal of effort for a problem gambler to pluck up the courage to visit one of those meetings, they really are worth going to.

By doing so you are going to meet and chat to other people who have been in the same position as you have been, and they will offer you practical and very effective ways that you can stop gambling altogether and put the temptation to gamble out of your mind too.


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