Manchester is a city thriving with life, energy and the brilliance of wonderful Mancunians. Servicing their many hobbies, interests and responsibilities are the folk that drives the citys cabs.

From the suburbs through to the centre, theyre the quiet champions that keep this city hitting every beat. Its unsurprising that plenty of people choose to change career to give taxi driving a go; its equally unsurprising that, when they start, they rarely give it up. Below is a short and easy guide to becoming a taxi driver in Manchester, a job that exposes you to the best of this city.

Contact a Company

Your first port of call is to contact the cab companies that operate in Manchester and the surrounding area. Some may have vacancies; some may not. Those that do will be able to give you information about your pay, your expected time on the roads, and the shifts theyd expect you to cover. Youll then be able to compare your offers in order to select the company that best suits your needs. Dont forget that new cab operators such as Uber are also an option, though they work on a different basis to traditional providers.

Build the Lifestyle

Most cab drivers work late shifts. Manchester, as we all know, isnt a city for early bedtimes. When the students are in town, there are plenty of fares to be picked up between the hours of midnight and 6am. What this means, though, is that your lifestyle is about to change rather dramatically, especially if youre used to working regular hours. Its worth considering carefully what impact these anti-social hours might have on your life. Of utmost importance is to schedule adequate spells of sleep in-between your shifts.

Learning the Streets

Manchester is a huge city, and the surrounding areas in which youll be picking up and to which youll be dropping off constitute a vast and complex map of roads and streets youll need to acquaint yourself with. Even if youre a born-and-bred Mancunian who sees themselves as a knowledgeable about the citys layout and sweet names, youll still be far below the level required of cab drivers, who have a remarkably reliable memory when it comes to the places around which they drive. Study maps and explore so that you too gain the knowledge.’

Abide by Laws

When it comes to cab driving, there are plenty of laws dedicated to keeping drivers and passengers safe and secure at all times. Before becoming a taxi driver, youll need to ensure youre aware of and are keeping to all the relevant laws and regulations that apply to cab driving in the UK. Beyond this, youll also need to find taxi insurance, which is distinct from insurance for your ordinary run-around vehicle. Check out the policies on to get yourself covered in your new position.

For those who love Manchester and are interested in experiencing the city from a new perspective, there can be no better job than taxi driving. This guide should help anyone with such exciting aspirations for their new career.


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