Just like the turn of the year, the beginning of spring is a good moment to take stock of life and perhaps initiate some changes. And unlike New Year, the start of spring has a more uplifting feel to it – with blossoms on the trees and spring flowers like daffodils blooming in the parks and gardens.

So how do you tap into how you really feel about life? There are many different ways you can do this, of course, such as writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal, drawing up to-do lists and setting personal and career goals. If you know which direction you’re headed in, all of these methods can help you get there, but what if you’re not yet at that point, and wondering which way to move forward?

Talking to other people is one way that you can explore what’s most important to you, but sometimes consulting a friend feels like you might have to bare your soul too much and risk feeling exposed. Using psychic readings or clairvoyant readings can be a way of examining your life with the help of an objective third party, with no fear of being judged. Through a psychic reading, you may discover more about why you are feeling a certain way, and also unearth where your real priorities in life lie.

Source: Yosuda : Mindfulness-Based Yoga and Enneagram via Facebook

Taking up exercise may feel as though it’s about physical improvement, but there can also be lots of mental benefits to it. Yoga’s a classic example of a form of exercise that addresses the state of mind as well as the body’s strength and balance. The postures in yoga require strength and concentration to achieve them correctly, and focusing on these can free your mind of distracting or stressful thoughts during the class. Another aspect of yoga is the concentration on the breath, which gives you a neutral focus taking your mind away from worries. By clearing your head of unnecessary noise and distraction, you may discover what is most important for you to address now. There are lots of different yoga classes in and around Manchester – try out a few different ones to find the teacher and class that works best for you.

Getting absorbed in an activity that doesn’t require a lot of mental effort is another way to allow yourself the space to think about what’s really important to you and what your priorities are. And after months of virtual hibernation to avoid the cold, it’s good to do that activity outside if you can. Get out of the city to take a walk in some beautiful countryside – we’re lucky to have easy access to places like the Peak District to the south and the Pennines to the east. You may usually do this kind of thing with other people but to be able to tap into your thoughts, go by yourself. You don’t need to actively “think about things”. While you’re walking, your mind will bring to the fore the things that you’re most concerned about and allow you the space to puzzle them through.

By actively addressing concerns and worries, or by allowing your mind to empty through physical diversion, you’ll get to a point where your path in life becomes clearer. When you understand what your priorities are, you’ll be able to make the changes you need to.



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