The mighty army of Set It Up fans (there are many critics among them, by the way) has already compared it to such big hits from the 90s, like You’ve Got Mail and While You Were Sleeping, with one exception: the show’s fascinating plot is more appealing to twenty-year-olds than to the more adult generation. Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) are two hard-working assistants who come up with the idea to cut their way to freedom, forcing their bosses to fall in love with each other. To say that their plans will take a slightly different turn won’t spoil anything for those, who watched at least one romcom. All the romantic gestures that they created for their superiors Kirsten (Lucy Liu) and Rick (Taye Diggs), smoothly grow into their own relationship.


Groundhog Day, About time… We saw this plot base many times: a guy misses his chance to make a first impression on a girl and finds a magical way to change it. So, Noah (charming Adam DeVine, whom we remember from the series Workaholics and Modern Family) meets Avery (Alexandra Daddario from Baywatch) on Halloween. The evening goes perfectly, and, according to all the rules of the classic romantic comedies, even too perfectly: the moment when a couple feels a “spark” is missed, and Noah is friendzoned. But he thinks everything will be fine – after all, they just met. But the next day, Avery meets Ethan, falling in love with him instantly, and three years later, Noah is chilling at their engagement party, feeling sad. Leaving with his best friend to the bar where he met Avery, he gets drunk and climbs into the photo booth, in which they took a few photos together.


“I’m unhappy…” Perhaps, no one would like to hear these words from his partner, especially when it’s your relationship anniversary. With these words, Mollie (Noel Wells from the first season of Master of None) begins rethinking the past three years she spent with Sam (Ben Schwartz – Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Recreation). They face the classic dilemma of a happy couple, who seems to be doing well but wants to know what will their next step be. Is this relationship really what they were looking for? If not, will they regret the missed opportunities? If so, then why bother if everything looks good? What if you don’t have a girlfriend to watch these flicks together? Then it’s easy to meet one; visit the following website to meet a beautiful Ukrainian woman.


Another female version of Hangover, but this time, without hen parties because in 2018, one doesn’t need a reason to go crazy. When the boss sends Harper (Gillian Jacobs from the Community and Love series) on a business trip to Barcelona, ​​her neighbors and best friends Nikki (the star of Saturday Night Live Vanessa Bayer) and Leah (Phoebe Robinson). There, they hang out in the club where, perhaps, the most unrealistic but possible acquaintance scene happens: Harper falls in love with a handsome DJ, unexpectedly played by Richard Madden (Robb Stark from Game of Thrones). He invites her backstage, and it becomes clear that this is either pure love or very strong attraction.


This story about teenage love came out not so long ago, but it has already become one of the most popular films in the history of Netflix. The Kissing Booth is based on the story of a 15-year-old author Bet Rickles, who published it on the Wattpad platform, where authors can download the chapters gradually, and readers follow the progress of creating the novel in near real time and give feedback. The plot is built around 17-year-old Elle (grown-up Joey King from the series Fargo), who falls in love with Noah (Jacob Elordi), the elder brother of his best friend Lee (Joel Courtney). Of course, Elle and Noah are forced to keep their relationship secret, so as not to destroy her friendship with Lee.


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