If you have never seen the film of the same name don’t worry all you need to understand is the premise that two strangers meet and fall in love. Both though have their own respective lives and families and try to remove themselves out of the way of temptation.

This is an amazing production with the actors, set design, costume, music and choreography equally excellent.

Lots of laugh out loud moments with the compete contrast of the physicality and slapstick comedy of the ‘background’ cast against the restrained public information film stiff upper lip of the two central characters.

The incredibly clever set design mixing film and the live action was an absolute dream to watch and feel part of.

With a tiny but very talented cast of musicians playing ukulele, banjo, trombone, accordion, piano and double bass it is a perfect soundtrack to the production instead of taking it over.

The singing voices were all together amazing with some fantastic close harmonies that gave me goosebumps and you could have heard a pin drop at the emotional rendition of ‘Go Slow Johnny’.

Myrtle was played hilariously by Lucy Thackeray with a nod to the late Kathleen Harrison and a great pairing alongside the larger than life Dean Nolan as her love interest.

The long suffering Beryl was equally entertaining played (as were all her characters) with amazing energy by Beverly Rudd.

Watch out for the dog walkers (I’ll say no more) and make sure you’re there a little early so you can enjoy the serenading by the ushers before the performance starts.

Can’t fault it. Definitely one to go and see before (or maybe after) it hits the West End…

Words Debbie Barlow

The show runs until the 24th February Details


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