A recent study by Randstad revealed the top locations within the UK for teachers looking to buy a home. The results show Manchester making the top 10, coming in 6th beating both London and Newcastle. More people than ever are aware that you don’t need to build your career living within the capital and that there are plenty of opportunities within other cities in the North. Graduates are now exploring different options when it comes to deciding where to live, as they want a better work life balance in a location that they can comfortably afford to do so.

The social scenes

With its rich industrial heritage and thriving social scene, this city has so much to offer for someone looking for a vibrant lifestyle to rival the capitals. The city has plenty of interesting areas to explore and you’ll never run out of things to see. One area full of things to do is the Northern Quarter, home to independent record shops, restaurants and some of the cities liveliest music venues. With such an exciting nightlife and social scene, living in the area allows you to make the most of forging a career you want with enjoying the social aspects of the city.

The property prices

One of the benefits of living within Greater Manchester is the more affordable property prices, especially compared to other cities such as London or Cambridge. The average property price is 40% lower, which is much more affordable and helps to bring down the cost of living noticeably. This is a big attraction for many, as it’s becoming increasingly hard for people to get their foot on the property ladder. Gone are the days where people were flocking from Manchester to London, recent figures actually indicate that record numbers are now moving up north. Even though London does have on average higher wages, however the cost of living in the north means people have a higher disposable income. This makes it easier to save for a deposit, allowing them to get on the property ladder quicker than their peers in the South.

Teaching opportunities

For teachers, the city is also attractive for career opportunities, as a recent study by The Sunday Times School Guide, found that 77 of the UK’s best performing schools are in Manchester. This list gives an indication of some of the best schools and areas for teachers to move to work within a thriving environment. Working for a good performing school comes with many benefits, not just future opportunities. Whether it’s primary, secondary or university, there are plenty of different teaching paths you can take and thrive in. This great combination of teaching opportunities along with the better quality of living really does make Manchester a city to consider.


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