An immersive installation where human biological data was transformed into a gigantic quilt comes to a close on Sun 22 April at The Lowry.

Titled Edit.02 thread  the immersive installation is by Salford based artist collective  thread  and inspired by the biological data from a group of young Salfordians.

Young people from Salford who are currently engaged in The Lowry’s learning and engagement department were involved in the making process of the art exhibition.

Playfully subverting traditional textiles, > thread {} work with human biodata, translating it through traditional printing and generative processes to explore new ways to tell stories with fabric as a medium.

Using a pulsometer, the rhythm of the participant’s heart was captured; with computer code translating this varying voltage into ones and zeros. This binary information was then woven into the code along with significant numbers from the young people’s lives. This uniquely human algorithm that generated each digital image, which has been used to create a digital representation of the young people’s identity in the form of a bioquilt. Forming a bioquilt where every cube holds the bioprint of one of the young adults.

Edit.02 > thread {} is part of The Lowry’s Edit series of gallery projects and collaborations. Visitors to the installation also get the chance to see their own heartbeat displayed on a digital screen.


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