The Wizard Academy train will be leaving from Platform 3/4 at Bury Bolton Street Station

It’s the first day of term at the Wizard Academy, and a sect of sinister sorcerers have made off with one of the school’s most important magical artefacts.

You will be able to join an enchanting cast of characters on a quest to get it back, and learn all of the skills to be an award-winning witch or wizard along the way!

This interactive quest will see you and your family join colourful and quirky costumed characters on a steam train ride, during which you will take part in a host of entertaining activities to complete the story.

The return trip from Bury to Rawtenstall hauled by a magical heritage steam train will take just over two and a half hours and will be taking place on the following dates this year.

  • 15th February 
  • 5th April 
  • 31st May 
  • 26th Jul
  • 16th August 
  • 30th August 
  • 25th Oct

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