Every now and again you need to modernise your bedroom. It is worth updating the look and feels every so often so that it never feels stale. You want the room to feel welcoming and keep up with modern trends and designs. Here are some great ways that you can modernise your bedroom.


Having a cut rug down either side of the bed is not only really comfy each morning but also looks great. Pick a colour or pattern that fits your room and make sure that it isn’t too long for the bed. Something like a 30 cm by 60 cm should do the trick. Just adding to the room can breath new life into it and it can be really nice on your feet, too.


Getting new laps (or just lamp shades) can make a huge impact to the aesthetic of your bedroom. As something that you’ll use daily, you will quickly notice the different updating your old lamps makes. Matching lamps are generally best because it ensures the room remains uninformed, too.

New Bed

The best way to modernise your room quickly is to replace your old bed. Wooden frames are classic and if that is what you want then, by all means, go ahead. However, metal bed frames are trending right now and they feel a lot more modern. They also don’t creak as much when they get old which is a great added bonus. If you do decide to get a new bed then check out places like Bedstar who have a lot of really good choices.

New Bedding and Bedsheets

One of the simplest ways to update your room is to just replace the bedding and bedsheets with newer designs. Pick a trending modern design that you like and it will make the room feel totally different immediately. Not only with the new bedding have this crisp feeling, it will also have replaced the dated designs old ones.


A mirror does a lot more to a room than just add some depth. If the room isn’t the biggest, then a mirror is fantastic by itself. However, getting a new stylish one to replace your old one helps to refresh the room. Whether you choose to have a full-length freestanding or hanging mirror just pick one that goes with the room and that you like and you’ll be surprised by the difference it makes.


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