Yes I too have started to write in capital letters and exclamation marks after going to see the Calendar Girls Musical currently on tour and at the Lowry until 10th November.
A true story of a Women’s Institute Group in Yorkshire tells of an eclectic collection of everyday women who manage to achieve something amazing. 
There are some really hilarious moments set against some desperately sad ones in this tale of love, loss and overriding (and sometimes overbearing) relationships.
Outstanding performances by all the ensemble  cast and just as you think one characters song or one-liner has been the best, further brilliant and touching moments follow. 
Tim Firth and Gary Barlow prove how they deserve all the awards they have won with their clever observations of the human condition by bringing to life the flawed but positive role models.
The set and lighting appeared amazingly simple yet evocative of the Yorkshire town in which the play is set and didn’t detract from any of the ‘action’ but reminded the audience where this was all taking place perfectly.
Whilst this play is primarily concentrated on the ‘older’ members of the cast hats off to the ‘kids’ in the show who’s comic timing rivalled those of the more experienced actors.
Truly a fantastic feel good life affirming night out … go and see it because you WILL love it!!! 
Words Debbie Barlow


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