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Friday, May 26, 2017

New Manchester test for childhood genetic disorders ‘transformational’

The gruelling way doctors are often forced to diagnose a group of rare genetic disorders in children could be transformed by a new test...

Palaeontologists create 3D digital model of ‘death drag’ left by prehistoric squid

An international team of scientists led by Manchester paleontologist, have uncovered the amazing story of a 150 million year old fossil ‘squid’ and have...

Could virtual reality help our mental health?

Scientists at the University of Salford are creating a new reality to better test our fears and anxieties.  They  are using virtual reality scenarios to...

Rare pheasant chicks hatch in Chester Zoo first

Two rare and exotic pheasant chicks from South East Asia have become the first of their kind to ever hatch at Chester Zoo. They’re called...

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